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運動による生物学の原理で、ENERGYMAX3.0とLIGHT RESILIENT EVA材質を7°で重ね、


新感覚のNEO DUPLEXダブル密度ミッドソール。


Feather Resilient EVAは反発性を維持する上で、旧素材よりシューズの重量を20%減少し、体の激しい移動の衝撃負担を減少することによって、移動は軽く速くなった。

ENERGYMAX  Vは踵部分の衝撃吸収性をアップし、ジャンプや踵部分の反発性もアップした。旧素材により衝撃吸収性27%増え、反発性は30%アップ。



230 / 240 / 245 / 255 / 265 / 270 / 275 / 280 / 290 / 300mm


VSR ラバー


Feather Resilient EVA+エナジーマックス V


耐摩擦力PU革+ダブルメッシュ+ PU合成革

Product Details

Three-arch Pressure Equalizing Support Design

• The ergonomic three-arch pressure equalizing support design is proven by kinetic tests to effectively equalize pressure on the foot, provide perfect support to the body, and relieve fatigue during sports activities.

Lifted Rim: Fit, supportive, stable

• The rim of Drop-In Midsole is lifted to provide support based on the needs of badminton sports. The main reinforcement includes the stability and protection on both sides of the forefoot and heel, as well as the support to the inner midfoot.

• The heel-stabilizing cup shape design perfectly fits the heel with support and stability.

NEO DUPLEX Midsole: Anti-slip, breathable, comfortable

• The double density structure consists of the elastic anti-slip material on the top and a Feather Resilient EVA midsole on the bottom. The combination allows for better anti-slip performance and comfort than normal insoles. The heel part of the midsole is built with ENERGYMAX V to reduce shock and enable stable support as well as comfortable wearing experience.

With its incredible wearing performance, VG1 has been highly praised by many top Indonesian players, including men's doubles player Hendra Setiawan, mixed doubles players Praveen Jordan and Melati Daeva Oktavianti, as well as women's doubles player Apriyani Rahayu, and are chosen as their competition shoes for the upcoming tournaments.